16,000 WOODEN PLANS in ONE PACKAGE by Teds Woodworking Plans

How Teds Woodworking Plans expedient in Home Office Projects?

If you are planning to setup a workstation at home, then definitely you must need a best woodworking plans. Teds woodworking plans are the one which can accurately work for you. Teds woodworking plans is a package of decorative and functional woodworking plans.

For home office first and foremost is the requirement of a computer desk. Wooden computer desk designs with a capacious top and a storage drawer is a perfect plan.  A design that blends into any home style is offered by Ted McGrath. Design with right kind of wood that makes study and long lasting computer desks can easily be turn into a practical project with guidance of Ted McGrath. Wooden storage deck, wooden chairs and all the furniture that completes the home office project is into the Teds Woodworking Plans.

How Teds Woodworking Plans practical for Coffee Tables designs?


Coffee table is an important part of furniture, when it comes to home décor. For any living room, to be attractive and exclusive one must get correct kind of coffee table. A correct type of coffee table is the one that fits into your requirement and style. Wooden coffee tables are not only famous as a part of living room but too many coffee shops and restaurants.

Wooden coffee table may sound small piece of furniture, but it is most utilized furniture. Teds Woodworking Plans offers classy designs of wooden coffee tables. Here one can easily create their own unique coffee table by following all the instructions and guidelines.

How Teds Woodworking Plans beneficial in Kitchen Projects?

Kitchen is no more just a place to cook food and serve. Today kitchen is one of the most important rooms where gathering is done. A significant time is spending in kitchen with family. Not only in houses but in restaurants places kitchen plays a vital role. With perfect woodworking plans you can get an outstanding kitchen. A complete new looks with all the facilities can be built up by wooden project plans of Ted McGrath.

Wooden Cutting Board Project Plans by Teds Woodworking Plans

Cutting board made of best wood, is the need of the every kitchen utility. You can built chopping board or let’s say wooden cutting board by following some simple and precise instructions. Teds Woodworking Plans with simple diagrams and accurate measurements helps you to get a successful woodworking project. Wooden Cutting board comes with different shapes, different sizes, and different designs. Even with different carvings onto cutting boards, some are simple boards while some are complex.

Wooden Knife Block Plans by Teds Woodworking Plans

Knife made of sharp blades, used to cut fruits and vegetables. Knife is an inevitable kitchen tool. Knife kept open here and there in the kitchen, is not at all safety habit. Wooden knife block is the best and smart way to handle different shapes of knife at one place. Teds Woodworking Plans contains wooden knife block plan into its kitchen plans projects.

Wooden Knife block with proper weight management can be created with Ted’s guidance. Every small thing is taken care like proper balancing, comfortable grip, and proper storage of knife and finally size of block.

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