How to Build a Wooden Bed with Teds Woodworking Plans?

If you want to give your bedroom a new rustic look, then creating wooden would be the most encouraged option. Best woodworking plans i.e. Teds Woodworking Plans offers the most versatile designs. Basically it’s a layout that will fit into any of your unique requirements. A solid wooden bed, with sturdy frame construction can be easily created by step wise guidance.

Looking at the environmental factor, wooden beds are the best eco-friendly solution. Wooden beds are safe without any toxic indulgence. Historical designs or latest styles whatever you like to create for your bedroom, we have everything in Teds Woodworking package.

Wooden Bed Construction Steps BY Teds Woodworking Plans.

When you are spending good amount of money and efforts on your wooden project, it is really important to get a successful project in hand. All the construction steps, diagrams, measurements and directions should be perfect and accurate. If any of the measurement goes wrong, all your efforts go in vain.

With confusing diagrams, you not only get frustrated but also lose interest in wooden projects. Hence to maintain your interest level, it is important to put your efforts in right direction. Getting the best wooden plans is not costly; you can get your job done faster, effectively and cheaper with Teds Woodworking Plans.

Different Kinds of Wooden Beds Designs in Teds Woodworking Plans

Bed room is the most personal space of home. So it is really important that it should be comfortable and organized. A well-planned design, layout can help you to get the most advantageous wooden project. There are multiple styles of wooden beds are available that fits into your personal need.

Let’s say wooden bed with storage is a great option, to accommodate wide range of products. Clothes, shoes, tableware and lots of other items are Storage needs are different for everyone, so as per your requirement you can create your wooden bed with storage or drawers facility. Wooden Bed with built-in cupboards, drawers, dressing table can be easily built in with Teds Guidance.

Wooden Bed Plans with Drawers

Wooden Bed Plans for Storage Purpose

Wooden Bed Plans without Storages

Wooden Double Beds Layout

Wooden Single Beds Layout

Wooden Trundle Beds Layout

Wooden Bunk Beds Designs

Wooden Baby / Kids Beds Designs



Make your living room fresh and clean with the latest and functional designs of wooden cabinets by Teds Woodworking Plans. You can get a bright and innovative design of cabinets to give your room a complete energetic look.

A wooden cabinet fits into any of your drawing room or main room. Even for dining rooms wooden cabinets is the best furniture. Cabinet’s elegant display will make your room clean and tidy. For storage of books or display of your crockery, whatever your need, wooden cabinets fits into all of them.

Different types of wooden cabinets can be created by perfect woodworking plans. Cabinets with 3 drawers, 2 drawers or open shelves, with varied sizes designs are put in by Teds Woodworking Plans. Flexible designs with clear construction will make your working with wood easy and simple.


If you want to do beekeeping, you need a best beehive for bees. Before you start working on wooden beehive project, you need to decide the place. Place is where you want to keep wooden beehive, i.e. farms, garden or in house. Proper area which is shady and ventilated, in short it should attract bees. Bees improve pollination. Yes, if you want to improve flowers and vegetables in your garden, go for beehives. Hence, better understanding about beehive will help you to create better beehive.

Beehive is the place where honey bees lives and so it has to be as per their need. Creating wooden beehive on your own is simple with best woodworking plans in the package. Right from selection of wood to detailed diagrams, Ted includes all the points. Step wise guidance for beginner or expert level woodworker is provided in Teds Woodworking Plans.


Garden or your outer space can be made comfortable with simple and cheap wooden bench. To enjoy greenery and relax after tiring day, wooden benches in garden is best option. To get fresh air and away from all worries, wooden benches should be created. Wooden bench is the best option to make your garden look complete and comfortable. Ted Woodworking Plans helps in creating your own crafted wooden bench. A wooden bench doesn’t work only for gardens. Wooden benches are good furniture to car parking area or work area.


Bird Feeders are used to attract different kinds of birds. So if you want to attract too many birds in your garden then putting bird feeder is the best alternative. You can put bird feeder in balcony or even in backyard. Most important is to get the right kind of bird feeder. Bird Feeder made of wood is the best alternative. Wood being natural resource, projects made out if it will be environmental friendly. For bird’s wood is the best alternative for nourishing.

Teds Woodworking Plans can help you get your own unique sized wooden bird feeder. Right kind of wood with good quality, will definitely works better and last longer. So with step wise guidance in wooden project, you can easily create your own bird sanctuary. It is like you are helping in increase of bird population.


Birds are important part in keeping environmental system in balance. They pollinate the plants. Birds keep environment lively and colorful with their colors and singing. In fast growing world, birds need a safe and healthy place, where they can grow and raise their young ones.

Building wooden bird house on your own is the most creative and effective way to show your caring towards birds. Bird houses also works as a great, decorative art piece in yard or garden. Teds Woodworking plans have number of wooden bird houses designs and layout. Woodworking plans that fits into your unique requirements. You can even build your own creative style wooden bird house taking help of diagrams and videos. It all depends on your imagination and obligation.

A perfect wooden bird house will encourage birds to come year after year to stay. Birds can actually encourage your gardening quality and fill it will beautiful colors and song. Some of the basic things like proper ventilation, proper cleanliness, proper size and location matters a lot. Along with the design one need to take care of its safety and security like protecting from predators.

HOW TO BUILD A WOODEN BOAT BY EXPERT Plans – Teds Woodworking Plans

Before you start working on wooden boats projects, you need to work upon different kinds of wood. Yes, the kind of wood you select for making boats will matter the most along with its design. Boat tends to be with water majority of time. So you need to understand its density and hardness along with its other characteristics. You need to take some time in understanding right kind of wood then only start working on boat plans.

To guide you with different kinds of wood or about the best wood for boat plans, we have Teds Woodworking Plans in the market. Ted not work helps in designs and diagrams but also in understanding different characteristics of wood. Wooden boat plans are enrolled with different techniques and modern approaches.


Books are really important for your empowerment. For knowledge, self-esteem and to survive in today’s world one needs books. Hence we can say that learning and reading has become an immortal part of life. Books are everywhere; it’s the only tool for literacy. Hence to store books becomes an utmost prerequisite.

Wooden book case the best and most feasible alternative for storing books properly. Bookcases are being used since primitive times. But slowly and gradually its designs get change as per modern day’s requirement. Multiple changes, multiple styles have been introduced to make book case a great storage device. Teds Woodworking Plans, analyzing the ever-changing need, has put in different kinds of schemes in its package. Right from wall to wall, to multi- tasking bookcases designs are drafted by Ted.


Baby changing tables are one where you can keep all necessary baby items within reach. Baby changing table as the name defines are designed for baby’s items. Baby items includes right from diapers to baby cream. So that everything that your baby needs, frequently or rarely, has to be managed in baby changing table. Important thing is you should never leave your baby unattended and your baby table should be easy to clean.

Wooden baby changing table designs are included in Teds Woodworking Plans. Ted has considered various points while designing its layout like height of the table, drawer’s size, cupboards, shelves easiness and lot of other minute things.  Basically a practically storage space for baby can be created with proper guidelines of expert woodworker.

A Wooden Arbor Projects by Teds Woodworking Plans

You made an attractive garden, with number of plants, flowers. Now you want to enjoy the beauty of garden. Want to spend some peaceful time in garden, for that you need an arbor. Wooden arbor is one of the best ways to give your garden an exquisite look. Along with look, it gives you, your personal space in garden. Arbor creates a space where you can relax, enjoy, relish and adore. Wooden Arbor is like a garden room, which makes you closer towards nature. Wooden Arbor gives a theme to your garden.

So if you are planning to create, wooden arbor then Ted McGrath can help you. Yes, an expert woodworker, thru its package Teds Woodworking Plans, can guide you in creation of wooden arbor. Designs that give an inviting look, to your garden are combined. Natural wooden color, traditional look, narrow path, eye-appealing painting, whatever your style or need, all fits into Woodworking Plans.


Adirondack Chairs are chairs mainly use for outdoor purpose. It is comfortable chairs, where you can rest; relax in garden or any outdoor areas. Wooden Adirondack chairs are strong, sturdy, durable and long lasting, due to its wooden characteristics. So if you are planning to create your own Adirondack chair, then most basic things you need to understand before start working on it. First is armrests and backrest, size. Select right kind of wood, and make appropriate measurements, looking into basic factors of comfort level.

When Adirondack chairs are made of wooden material, that is eco-friendly material, you can get an optimal comfort level. Doesn’t matter where you want to create for commercial use or personal residential use, Teds Woodworking Plans can give you, a flawless layout. Adirondack Chair with appropriate finish and textbook color can give you garden or poolside an altogether vivacious look.


Artwork is majorly connected to museum or some gallery display. Well, this is not fact; artwork is displayed in home and offices as well. Art is nothing but creativity. Right from painting to sculpture, you are related to art in one or the other way. At times, you don’t we realize the importance of art in you day to day life. But the truth is we live with art every day. Posters, wall paintings, decorative wall piece, are a part of artwork that influences us daily. Wooden artwork display is a perfect, piece of a wall hanging, in a drawing room, dining room or over a bed. Art work not only display’s art and paintings but words as well, quotes, slogan as well. Artwork includes whatever you like, you wish, your favorite color.

Wooden Bathroom Unit by Teds Woodworking Plans

Refurbish your bathroom with wooden bathroom unit. Finest wood and latest design is what your entire bathroom unit needs to get new renovated look. A wooden bathroom design offers most modern designs that fit into all life style needs. Even customization design with different compositions can be created by perfect woodworking plans. Operational layouts and robust functionality designs is what you need for a wooden bathroom unit.

Different size of bathroom units, with multiple drawers can be easily created with impeccable assistance. A free wooden unit, that can hold your bathroom items in a convenient way is what designed by Teds Woodworking plans.


Wooden Box Designs Plans by Teds Woodworking Plans

What are you going to do with a wooden box? To store things! Of course, wooden box is a great source of storing things. Wooden box has multiple usages. But the design, shape, size, kind of wood, kind of layout all depends on your need. Once you are clear, what you want wooden box for, you can work on its creative design.

Well, wooden box although sounds simple and easy, it can be made most creative and stylish piece of furniture. Hand crafted wooden box, can be used as your decorative material in your office or home. To make your room clean and tidy, wooden boxes are used. Even for a gifting purpose, wooden box looks elegant and sophisticated. Woodworking Plans can guide you in layout, design and structuring of wooden boxes.

 Wooden Barn Plans by Teds Woodworking Plans

A wooden Barn is a perfect place for your weekend living or permanent living. Simple steps, easy to follow instructions and concise designs are drafted by an expert woodworker in its woodworking package. With years of experience in woodworking, Ted offers different sizes of wooden barn plans. Bigger or smaller barns, for your garage space or workstation with elegant designs can be effortlessly formed.


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