Frontera Furnitures, & Kingsley Bate Outdoor Rocking Chairs & More

Frontera furnitures for sale provides you distinguished outdoor accessories that not only enhance the look of your home but speak comfort ability. offers you cheap and affordable quality furnitures along with FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US. The company delivers top-notch brands such as Kingsley Bate, Les Jardins etc. at an affordable price . Get to know prominent brands, reviews etc. from Frontera.

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  • Kingsley Bate Vs Gloster
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About Frontera Outdoor Furniture

With more than two decades of experience, Frontera has changed the look of many resorts and homes globally. Providing quality outdoor furniture from world famous brands such as Kingsley Bate, Les Jardins etc., Frontera ensures low priced products from famous brands without compromising on quality. Frontera is one of the first online showrooms for home furnishings and since then has retained that position.

Features Of Frontera Outdoor Furniture’s

Home is where the heart is. No matter how much we travel, its ultimately the home that welcomes us back to its arms. This is exactly what Frontera offers. A relaxing weekend with family right at your home patio, sipping hot coffee on a rainy day at your outdoor relaxing chair are few of the moments that are irreplaceable.

While you are vigilant about checking the clothes you wear, your home too deserves the best. Cheap flimsy furniture’s wear off easily and are basically a waste of your investment.

You might be moving to a new home or simply refurbishing your existing home. The way you maintain your home says a lot about you as well.

Frontera offers branded products at an affordable price that cannot be found anywhere online. Good quality outdoor rocking chairs and home decors at a cheap price. That’s what you get at Frontera. The dedicated team is devoted to scrutinizing each and every product to check the quality level. This makes each and every furniture stand the test of time.

When you purchase from Frontera, you can be sure that each and every piece are traditionally made using only the best wood, metal, fabric in the market. One look and you will realise that the products speak for itself. Be it umbrellas, bar stool, planters, fire pits etc. and more, you will find it all under Frontera with a simple click.

Each and every piece of branded Frontera furnitures for sale is covered by manufacturer’s warranty. The company also ships internationally. If you want your product to be delivered quickly, Frontera also offers quick shipping feature. Your order will be shipped within 48 hours and less. If you want only the best for your home, you need not look elsewhere.

Summing it up prominent features of Frontera include:

  • Hundreds of branded products for home decor available at Frontera
  • Carefully chosen products to inhibit returns and damage
  • Wise packaging to prevent any damage
  • Quality check assured by team of Frontera
  • Quick shipping within 48 hours or less offered by Frontera
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in USA
  • International shipping available

Top Products Of Frontera

There are thousands of products that you can choose from Frontera. From lighting to indoor rugs to cabinets to chandeliers to sofa chairs and many more, the list is endless.

However, there are top three products/brands that have gained lot of attention from users worldwide – Kinglsey bate, Les Jardins and outdoor living furnitures.

Kingsley Bate Furnitures

Kingsley bate furniture for sale have received excellent reviews. You can find excellent range of home decors from Kingsley bate. Here are some of the Kingsley bate furniture online.

  • Kingsley bate brussels table – Kingsley bate brussels Collection creates a perfect setting for your outdoor arena. The idea of Brussels is a replicant of antique Belgian farmhoue tables. Kingsley bate brussels table are gray washed to give it a weathered apperance. A stain resistant product, Kingsley bate brussels collection comes with three year warranty.
  • Kingsley bate bench – Kingsley bate benches are available at unique designs and different materials. The Kingsley bate boca stainless steel and teak backless bench is one of the most cherished product by many users. Kingsley bate uses best quality teak wood in the market. The versatile bench is available in 4′, 5′ and 6′ sizes. Be it for pool use, walkways or tennis courts, Kingsley bate benches are widely popular. You can choose between the optional cushion and its colors that comes with Kingsley bate bench.
  • Kingsley bate bar table and stools – There is a good collection of bar tables and stools from Kingsley bate. For instance, the Kingsley bate cape cod woven bar chair is made out of aluminum frame that is rust resistant. The legs are made out of solid teak wood with a gray wash finish. A combo of bar table and stools are also available at a cheap price.

Kingsley bate furniture prices at Frontera are low when compared to other online websites. All the Kingsley bate products are available at wholesale price. Kingsley bate comes with three year warranty on their products.

Les Jardins Outdoor Furnitures

Les Jardins offers outdoor living patio furniture’s. Simple and elegant is what you get out of les jardins teak furniture. Les Jardins offers you excellent selections to set as your outdoor decor. Variety of les jardins table, chair and heights to choose, you will find the right accessory for your outdoor living. Les Jardins with Frontera ships worldwide. So distance is not an excuse anymore. Do not worry about the maintenance cost. Les Jardins stay durable for a polonged period with minimal maintenance. Almost all the decor from Les Jardins come wtih 20 year warranty.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs For Sale

Outdoor rocking chair has become a necessity especially for elderly. There are many outdoor rocking chairs for sale at cheap price. However, they do not last long. Within months of use they start to show their true colors. The result – loss of your money.

Quality products never come cheap. Outdoor rocking chairs for adults from Frontera speak quality. Let’s take for instance, Trek outdoor furniture – Yacht Club 3 Piece seating Ensemble. Made in USA, it comes with 2 outdoor rocking chair and 1 side table. The products are made out of recycled lumber that are absolutely durable. They do not rot, crack, corrode or splinter.

The outdoor rocking chairs and table come at discounted price in Frontera. You can choose from various outdoor rocking chair designs that are eligible of FREE SHIPPING as well.

Outdoor rocking chairs come with 20 year warranty based on the manufacturer. These chairs are available at different sizes depending on person. An eco friendly product, Trex offers color selection that will gel with your outdoor area.

Frontera Outdoor Furniture Warranty & Returns

Frontera offers you return policy in case you are not comfortable with the product. In case you are not happy, contact the customer support within 7 days from the date of delivery of your order. You will be provided with a RMA through which you can return the furniture or any other accessories ordered.

Frontera comes with 3 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase for workmanship or materials.

Frontera Discount Codes & Promo Codes

Many websites carry frontera coupon codes for various outdoor and indoor furnitures. Paste the desired discount code before proceeding for payment. The total price after deducting the discounted amount is what you need to pay.

Frontera Home & Outdoor Furniture Reviews

Frontera home and outdoor furniture has received good reviews from users. Users claim that the product works excellently without giving them a hard time. Kingsley bate outdoor furniture reviews are of prominent quality. Consumers understood that they have got a good bet on their price.

Consumers love the Frontera customer support. They don’t feel pressurized into buying something they don’t like. Real reviews from users claim that the customer service offered them great support and help by clarifying the doubts.

Frontera shipping and delivery is promising and prompt. Let’s be honest. We don’t want delay in shipping and even more delay in delivering the product. Frontera reviews ensures healthy follow up in orders and makes sure that the product is delivered earlier than expected. But never late!!!

Excellent customer service – customer (name not mentioned)

“This is the second time I have ordered from Frontera. The customer service has been excellent both the times”.

Very pleased – Angela Waggoner

“I was so pleased with my first purchase from Frontera. Easy online ordering, beautiful product, fast shipping all at a lower price than what i could have got from my local outdoor furniture store.”

Jeanne R – Love the furniture

“Frontera is a great place to purchase our new outdoor furniture. Maggie, the customer support representative was very much helpful and responsive during the entire process.”

Frontera Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Kingsley bate dealers online?

There are many Kingsley bate dealers such as amazon, homedepot, target etc. They are NOT available at costco, walmart etc.

Are there any good outdoor rocking chair deals at Frontera?

Outdoor wicker rocking chairs are available at discount price in Frontera. However, you can always go with discount/coupon codes for a further cut-off.

What is the warranty period of outdoor rocking dining chairs?

Manufacturer’s warranty offers a three year warranty on outdoor rocking dining chairs.

How are the reviews for Frontera outdoor rocking chairs?

Outdoor rocking chairs from Frontera have been well-received. There needs to be slight improvement in the bolts that come with chair. Few users claim that they strip out easily. However, overall quality has been well received.

Where can I buy outdoor rocking chair in UK/Australia?

Frontera ships internationally so you can order your outdoor rocking chair from the official website itself.

Kingsley Bate Vs Gloster

Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate is a true American company that manufactures eco friendly outdoor and indoor furnitures. Kingsley Bate has a popular line of patio and pool decors that is famous among many national and international resorts and home.

Since the company strives to use only environment friendly materials, Kingsley Bate has become quite popular among nature lovers.

Be it for commercial or personal use, Kingsley Bate is preferred by many users. The company offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in US and also ships internationally as well.


A German based company, Gloster is among the top companies that offers you outdoor decors at a satisfactory rate. The products of Gloster come with state-of-the-art designs that are unique and eye-catchy. Suitable for both commercial and individual use, Gloster has a good fan following.

The company has many outlets in chosen countries. So if you want to voluntarily check a product, punch in the zip code in the store locator and have a look at home enhancements yourself.


Frontera is a one-stop destination for all – home makers, interior designers, commercial purposes and so on. Since everything is online these days, why leave home decor as well? All the decors are available at a budget friendly price. They are much lesser than what is offered in retail outlets. This is the strongest selling point of Frontera. The company also makes sure that the customer service and shipping/delivery are prompt putting genuinity before profit. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Bottomline, if you want quality products at an affordable rate, Frontera is right for you. Period!!!