Reviews Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product, White (33935701)

Reviews Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product, White (33935701)

Furniture utilization makes it an inevitable device in one’s life. Furniture acts as our helping hand, in our daily activities. Different types of furniture from household to influential, all serves the purpose of growing trend. Furniture is no more just a piece of household; it has rather turned into a fashion trend.

What we know about multipurpose Furniture? In simple language it makes small place more functional with modern touch. Efficiency along with modern life style touch is what we ask for from furniture.

Unlike ancient time, where furniture is just a piece in drawing room or bedroom, the bar has raised now for the furniture. We are looking for multi-functional furniture. Hence the high ends of consumer’s requirements should be met. Good design with a smarter touch and a better alternative to traditional furniture is what we are looking in.
Cost of Furniture: – As per fashion trend, high cost, low cost and medium cost furniture are available in the market.
Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Reviews
Atlantic is into organizing things since last many years and is one of the best and largest suppliers of organizational products. Let us find out what its customers has to say-
Everything good and all requirements are fulfilled. As expected, desk is working great. Sturdy, simple and easy to assemble, personalized customization possible and a small foot print.

Compare to other desks purchased, this turn out to be the best and most efficient.

No complicated drawers or heavy stuff, this desk is simple, light and precisely a gaming desk. It is easy to assemble desk and a helping straight forward video to understand. Along with good looking design, all parts are sturdy and made with good quality.

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Construction and Specifications

So what is so special about Atlantic media storage, well it is for gamers. YES, for those who love to work on Computer system, multi-organizing storage is the right option. If you want to enjoy gaming without any hurdle of arranging devices, then Atlantic media is the best option.

It is particularly intended, keeping in mind the required of all gaming components.

Atlantic Media storage is made up of charcoal colored, carbon fiber laminated with sleek design. Its construction gives you an abundant space for all your knockouts or work necessities

  • Monitor 
  • Printer
  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Laptop
  • Speakers stands
  • Charging stand for tablet
  • Charging stand for smart phone
  • Game storage area
  • Under – desk basket
  • Controller stand
  • Wire management
  • Rear power strip holder
  • Cup holder
  •  Headphone / vr headset hook

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Buyers Guide

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Cheap

For gaming purpose, one may need to buy extra desk or support, to manage all the devices along with systems. But here, single media storage with comparatively less price is available.

So you can now purchase more games and manage long gaming sessions, without any high expenses.

When you are gaming, let your phone gets charged. And even you make sure that your drink is handled carefully, without spoiling your game or electrical devices. Speakers and headphones are settled in a place, where it is accessible without troubling TV or Laptop. YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING IN SINGLE PRODUCT IN A LESS PRICE.

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Dimension & Sizes

Moving towards technical specifications of the storage furniture: –

  • It can support upto 32 inches Monitors or TV screens. I.e. screen shouldn’t be more than32 inches in size.
  • When storage is assembled it comes to width of: 26.75 inches x height: 40.25 inches. X length: 49.25 inches and final weigh comes to 43.6 pounds.
  • Talking about weight, which work surface can handle should not be more than 40 pounds.
  • Work Surface area covers the following dimensions 40″ x 23.5″. Here you can keep a laptop, along with 2 controllers and make place for 2 speakers aside. Even you can get a place for 5 games and a headphone.  PLUS you can get a place for your large drink!
  • Steel rod with metallic finish, gives elegance to speaker Brackets: 4.25″ x 5″.
  • Storage space is equipped with a charging station, which is charging Station: 8.5″ wide and
  • 29.5” from floor area, along with strip holder
  • In a carbon finish work space, there is TV Stand 15.5″ Width x 7″ Length x 6.25″ Height. Considering stability part, there is a four adjustable leveling feet.
  • Wire managed in a neat and clean manner, with trim plates

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Customer Service

Atlantic, Inc. is based in California and is one of World’s largest suppliers of Organizational Storage Solutions and Electronic Accessories. It is working for more than 30 years, to meet the simple or complicated customers’ requirements. It’s service team is all time ready and willing to provide all kind of support and guidance in the best possible manner. Through calls or online, all queries and concerns are solved, with the best solutions.  

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Buy on Amazon

BUY Atlantic Media storage from Amazon. It is easily available on Amazon and within determined day, it can reach your place. Make your room or work place or gaming arena, clean, tidy and beautiful. It is found that teenagers or young gamers keep their place unorganized; this game storage can make your room look organized, clutter free and accessible.

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Best prices

Atlantic Media Storage & Organization Product Warranty & Guarantee

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