Starting a Woodworking Business… Jim Morgan Way

Wood Profits BannerWhat exactly do you need to start a woodworking business? Well my answer would be simply passion, tools and a space to get my job done.

Passion would be my only best bet that you would ever need because the remaining can be simply done. You dont need the million dollar tools to get your business started. The right tools come cheap and the space you need would be minimal.

But unlike starting a business, moving it forward and making it profitable is an entirely different thing. Having everything but not the client, or having the client but not the right design for the furniture you want built could create frustration.

ENTER Jim Morgan from wood profit.

Jim is a veteran woodworker and with years of experience in woodworking business and also claims to have helped thousands of other woodworkers sell their project, Get plans and blueprints for their work and most of all start a business with as little as 50$. Now thats a trait i would like to learn … check out jim’s site at….