Ted Woodworking -Wood Working Requirements

Since ancient times Wood is considered as one of the important material along with mud, stone and animal parts, which is used in construction. Wood being found in stems and roots of the wood it carries number of environmental favorable uses. Some of the uses can be stated as: –

  •       Fuel
  •       Construction Works
  •       Medicine
  •       Sports Equipment
  •       Flooring
  •       Engineering
  •       Furniture
  •       And many more

Woodworking can be stated as the process of making items from the wood. It’s a skill of carpenter to make different objects from the wood.  In modern times along with electricity many powerful tools are developed that helps in making wood work simpler and easier. Tools that are used in wood working can be stated as: –

  •       Combination Square – It works complete accuracy, as it is a setup done with blades and interchangeable heads. It’s like a claw and available in different inches, lets say 6 inch and 12 inch.
  •       Claw Hammer – Hammers are important tool; let it be at home or at industry. Claw hammer is the most versatile and useful tool in wood working.
  •       Block Plane – Block plane is used at the end of any project, to give a finished look. It is basically used to shave wood.
  •       Hand Shaw – Hand Shaw is used to make small cuts on the wood, delicate cuts that are complex for making perfect objects.
  •       Measuring Tape – Works to measure wood and then cut or work on it accurately, as per requirement.
  •       Layout Square –It is used to measure different angels.
  •       Chisel – Chisels are used for carving wood and clean out joints.
  •       Nail Set
  •       Moisture Meter
  •       Sliding Bevel
  •       Screw driver
  •       Utility Knife
  •       Routers
  •       Lathes
  •       Saws
  •       Planers
  •       Sanders
  •       Dust collectors
  •       Pneumatics
  •       Oscillating Tools
  •       Other Accessories such as: –
  • Cordless Accessories – chargers, radio chargers, work lights
  • Workbenches and Stands – miter saw stands, router stands, table saw stands
  • Saw Accessories – Table saw, gauges, circular saw
  • Sander Accessories – Belts, Discs, Sheets
  • Drill Sets
  • Blades
  • Fasteners

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