Ted’s Woodworking Package / Product Details

Ted Mc Grath, after spending good number of years in woodworking industry, has put down all his experience into his package i.e Ted’s Woodworking Package. It took Ted almost 2 years complete the package as per everybody’s requirements. A great skill and knowledge while dealing with some complicated designs, Ted package is there to help one in such scenario, as it carries easy to understand steps.

Here is the list of some projects that were enclosed in Ted Woodworking Package:

Barn Plans –Designs of large shed for vehicles or a building for storing farm products or sheltering of live stock.

Bat House – Designs of bat houses, which attract bats, basically houses for bats.

Bed Room Designs – Package does include various wooden designs for making bed room look exquisite.

Bed Plans – Modern designs and plans are available for bed in Ted woodworking package

Beehive Plans – Design for habitat of bees, basically a box shaped or dome shaped.

Bench Projects – Ted’s woodworking include varieties of bench projects used in park or garden or other places

Billiard Table – Designs for billiard table as per one’s requirement are available.

Bridge Projects – Designs for wooden construction of bridges are available with all instructions 

Birdhouse Plans – Proper plans and instructions are available as per varied needs for bird houses

Boat Plans – Different plans on the boat and its design are available.

Book Case Plans – Plans of arranging books in proper manner as per its user requirement are there. 

Bucket Designs – Designs for bucket are available, with different shapes and colors.

Cabin Plans – Designs for cabin plans, with different blueprints and varieties.

Cabinet Plans – Plans regarding cabinets of kitchen, bathroom, and garage are available.

Candle Patterns – Wooden candle holder’s patterns and designs are included in Ted’s Woodworking.

Cart Plans – Different cart plans like kitchen cart plans, garden cart plans are available in package. 

Cat House Plans – Cat shelter designs are created by Ted looking at the needs and requirement.

CD&DVD Holder – A wooden case to hold CD and DVD is also designed by Ted.

Chair Plans – Various designs and structures of Chairs plan are there in Ted’s package.

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