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Every woodworker has his own set of plans from where he refers and gets his ideas. This could be a small booklet for some and a big directory for others. Your skills may be excellent but sometimes we all need to get some ideas from somewhere. Ted’s Woodworking project is simply the source of excellent inspiration. For me it doesn’t matter where it comes from, how it is delivered or how it will work. I just need the idea and i will tend to work out the rest. Some plans though are out of reach from my intelligence and I go to the Teds woodworking project and do it to the dot.

Over the years, Some of the best furniture have been built from these pages and i should thank Ted for the same. I am currently working on my new home (a very small one) with traditional woodworking. Its all simple and i use the best wood possible. I think Ted’s Woodworking for making it possible for me to keep my house the olden style. Teds woodworking project has made it possible to retain my home ambiance with traditional style altogether. If you are interested in Buying a Woodworking project book, i recommend Teds woodworking project. This is one source where you can get 16000 odd ideas and i bet you will never use them all!

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