Ted McGrath, a professional woodworker, has come up with his best collection of woodworking plans. An Extensive collection of Woodworking plans, projects and much more in Ted’s Woodworking package.With Ted’s Woodworking package, one can follow their passion of woodworking easily. Unlike other woodworking plans that contain confusing and misleading information, Ted’s Woodworking contains clear and important diagrams, which are easy to analyze and understand.Compare to other online woodworking plans and project, Ted’s woodworking gives you the best solutions and answers to all the woodworking related queries and concerns. All the questions and doubts regarding woodworking are answered by Ted in his package. Ted took over 2 years to assemble all his knowledge, ideas and experience into one package.Ted’s Woodworking package consist of around 16000+ plans and project with complete instructions and step by step detail guidelines. By following the complete blueprints and diagrams one can easily achieve success in their desired woodworking project or plans.

Ted’s package include: –

  •       Detailed Blueprints of all projects
  •       Materials List that is required into project
  •       Detailed Designs
  •       A to Z instructions
  •       Plans for Beginner
  •       Plans for Professional 
  •       Woodworking Tools and its usage  And much more


Ted’s package is truly an inspirational package, with lots of different ideas collection. In all aspect Ted’s Woodworking package is complete and fulfilling. To make woodworking interesting and joyful Ted has included lots of colorful pictures and images. Project covers mainly Furniture Designs, Small Crafts, Outdoor projects and Kids project

Further projects can be list as follows, that are include in Ted’s Woodworking package:-

  •       Bed plans
  •       Bat House
  •       Bench Projects
  •       Bird Feeders
  •       Bird house plans
  •       Bridge projects
  •       Box Designs
  •       Bucket Designs
  •       Camping Designs
  •       Candle patterns
  •       Cellar Projects
  •       Cock Plans
  •       Chicken Houses
  •       Children Room Plans
  •       Coffee table designs
  •       Computer Desk
  •       Cold Frame Designs
  •       Cart plans
  •       Chair plans
  •       Cradle Projects
  •       Door Designs
  •       Dressers
  •       Entertainment Projects
  •       Kids Furniture
  •       Garden plans
  •       Jig plans
  •       Knife block
  •       Lamp
  •       Landscaping
  •       Mirrors
  •       Playhouse
  •       Rabbit House
  •       Wooden Racks
  •       Sports plans
  •       Table plans
  •       Trays
  •       Wooden Toys
  •       Tool Box
  •       Weather Station
  •       Scroll Saw
  •       Mantels
  •       Horse Barns
  •       Gun Cabinets
  •       Hammocks

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