Wooden porch rockers in Oak

carolina-porch-rockerPorch Rockers have probably been in fashion since the early 19th century. People thought it to be one of those exquisite possessions owned by the rich and afforded by the very few. The carolina porch Rockers are made out of excellent quality oak and have been made in North Carolina since 1924. One of the oldest companies to manufacture Porch Rockers, The Carolina Rocker is designed to meet the comfort of the owners. Everything from the arm rest to the seating has been tested and tried to make the person sitting comfortable at all times. The arm rests are set low to make sure that the arms rest naturally. The back is curved to make sure that there is no pressure on the feet.

The Carolina porch rockers come with a choice of cushions and is now priced at $349. for more information check the link below.

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