One cannot deny the importance of toys into a child’s life. Toys not only serve the gaming purpose but also learning purpose. Playing is a central arena for kids, and for playing they need something, now that something could be any small or big object that keeps them involved. In woodworking we do create different kinds of wooden toys that are safe for kids to play. In fact some of the wooden toys serve the education objective as well.

Wooden Toys can be categorized into different segments like the one that involves physical activities as wooden boxes, wooden puzzles, and many others. Some wooden toys works in the development of different body senses like sight development, learning by seeing objects; some wooden toys helps in development of touching sensations thru sand toys or so; some wooden toys develops sound recognize what else can be better than a musical instrument for sound understanding; some toys works in development of smell and taste. Some toys like dolls, cars, boards encourage social development.

Wooden toys is a very vast project, there are numerous wooden toys that can be crafted by woodworker. And the most amazing thing is one cannot state a single use of a single wooden toy; a toy can be played, viewed and observed in many different ways by the kids as well as a woodworker. So each toy can be considered as a unique with its own characteristic, each toy provides some or the other learning to kid.

Infants, they learn to sense, touch the objects, they learn to sit, walk, talk and play; they crawl they practice, they experiment, they exercise, they build muscle and during their stage what all one need is a safe and interesting toy, and if that toy is made by self with woodworking plans, then it will be really an exceptional one! Children with different age groups i.e. when they grow, they need a different set of toys unlike toddler one, at later stage, wooden toys works in building self-esteem, confidence, and independence. Children become more interactive with intelligent games and puzzles.

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